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The facility as a whole was created recognizing the need for affordable services and rental spaces for agricultural-related purposes. At the same time, it is important for tenants and members to recognize there are costs associated with developing, implementing and maintaining the programs, facilities, equipment, licenses and permits. Rental fees are collected monthly from tenants to cover utilities, maintenance and insurance needs of the property.



The Agricultural Incubator Foundation is a unique research facility. Each company that leases a research plot treats the plot as if it were their own farm using their own people and equipment to plant, tend, gather data and harvest crops.

The farmland is comprised of Hoytville silty clay loam soil, which is representative of 80 percent of the farmland in northwest Ohio and therefore, makes the facility a prime research location. The facility features wide drives and grassed waterways for easy access to plots, a surface drainage system, and a subsurface drainage system with 40' spacing. There are two pumps that remove water from surface and subsurface drain systems.

The property consists of approximately 135.9 acres (101.1 farmable acres), 14.6 acres of woods, and an additional 11 acres is utilized for buildings, ponds, drives, etc.



Two greenhouses are attached to the main building, one is being used for storage purposes. Each greenhouse is 3200 sq. ft., divided into four individual bays each measuring 20'x40' (800 sq. ft. each). Feel free to contacts us about greenhouse space for rent!



A fully functional conference room complete with tables, seating, and multimedia projector is located on site and is available for rent. Please feel free to contact us for more information!